Many of Indonesia’s most popular surfing destinations – the Mentawais, G-Land, the Telo Islands, Nias – are extremely remote and have no surfing equipment available for purchase so you need to bring everything.

Importantly, you have invested considerable time and money on the trip. The last thing you want to do is get there without a critical piece of equipment.

Surf Gear

Boards, Surf Travel Bag, Wet Suits, Leashes, Spare Fins, Wax, Ear Plugs, Ding Repair Kit, Reef Booties, Fin Keys.

Travel Gear

Day Bag, Fanny Pack, Travel Pillow, Tent, Towels, Sheets, Hammock, Matt


Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Cameras, Handphone, Socket Adaptor, Power Bank


Hat, Sun Glasses, Sun Block, Mosquito Net, First Aid Kit, Hydralyte + Multi Vitamins, Malaria Medicine


Creadit Card, Debit Car, Cash (Recomended in IDR).

Travel Document

Passport, Driver License, Visas, Travel Insurance, Tickets

Other Equipment

Flash Light, Multi Tool, Maps, Phrasebook, Duct Tape, Super Glue, Batteries, Binoculars, Footwear, Wrist Watch