Dreamtime Sumbawa is a mystical surf camp located in the rainforest of West Sumbawa, Indonesia; on a private beach and a short boat ride form the main port. We provide a unique opportunity to experience the authentic Indonesian way of life, through daily surfing, luxurious glamping, remote beach and hiking excursions, snorkeling and fishing right on your private beach. Dreamtime Sumbawa serves as a foundation to connect you with the ocean and Indonesia’s vast and extraordinary offerings of nature and wildlife.

The concept of Dreamtime Sumbawa is to create a fun, energetic atmosphere, full of adventures and unforgettable memories, while simultaneously being in harmony with the environment and culture of Indonesia.

At Dreamtime Sumbawa, we collect moments not things. Once you arrive in camp, you have to check out of regular life and check into the off-grid environment.


Dreamtime Sumbawa is designed for the perfect sleep, and sleeping is something we love to do! To make it as comfortable as possible for our guests, our tent comes with the most comfortable innerspring mattress you can buy in West Sumbawa, you won’t be sleeping on an airbed. The lotus belle is situated in the ideal position close to amenities and metres from the beach and kitchen.

Glamping tents

The comforts and luxury of a hotel room without sacrificing the outdoor holiday experience. Live in harmony with the environment unique with this part of the world.

Staying in a glamping tent is a new trend in unique accommodation, combining luxury and the outdoors into one. It is perfect for those who love the outdoors and the camping lifestyle but still want the comfort of a hotel room. The tent operates solely from solar power and the amities are all eco-friendly. This is a lifestyle that helps the environment and cares for the future of the planet.

Come try this new concept of accommodation in Indonesia, furnished with West Sumbawan inspired items created from reclaimed and recycled material either from our very own beach or in the community.

  • Comfortable and spacious with lighting and power
  • All bedding included (cotton sheets, pillows and quilt)
  • Perfect for the solo or duo seeking a private retreat

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