Lakey-Peak-Beach-InnLakey Peak Beach Inn – Set on the edge of the lagoon that separates the main breaks from the white sandy beach is Lakey Beach Inn with its great value accommodation and restaurant. Lakey peak is one of surfing’s great treasures, it is located on the central southern coast of the island of Sumbawa Indonesia, and two islands East of Bali.

The Lakey Peak area is a fantastic place to spend some time on your Indonesian holiday, with beautiful views overlooking a blue lagoon and a back drop of green hills. Lakey Peak is a perfect place to relax and unwind with great surfing, kite boarding good fishing and plenty of things to discover.

There are 3 main reef breaks within sight from the accommodation, and there are other breaks beginning with a 20 minute walk or short motorbike ride. The most popular breaks include Lakey Peak, Lakey Pipe, Nungas and Periscopes, all of which are top quality waves.

There is a mixture of quality lefts and rights, and the waves have very good barrels on the right tides. You will find the local surfers very hospitable and they respect the friendly tourists that arrive to surf.

Lakey Peak Beach Inn Gallery

  • Lakey Peak Sumbawa
    Lakey Peak Sumbawa
  • Lakey Peak Sumbawa
    Lakey Peak Sumbawa
  • Lakey Peak Sumbawa
    Lakey Peak Sumbawa
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    Lakey Peak Sumbawa
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    Lakey Peak Sumbawa
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    Lakey Peak Sumbawa
  • Lakey Peak Sumbawa
    Lakey Peak Sumbawa
  • Lakey Peak Sumbawa
    Lakey Peak Sumbawa
  • Lakey Peak Sumbawa
    Lakey Peak Sumbawa
  • Lakey Peak Sumbawa
    Lakey Peak Sumbawa

Lakey Beach Inn has very good budget accommodation available in large, clean rooms very near the water and the restaurant. Both single and double rooms have bathrooms, 220w power and a choice of fan or air conditioning. Nothing better than relaxing in your hammock on your private porch, overlooking pleasant gardens in between getting great waves.

Mosquito nets are provided with all beds, there are outside fresh water showers to wash of the salt water.


Overlooking the lagoon with a panoramic vista of the surfing breaks is Lakey Beach Restaurant.

A mixture of delicious traditional and western food is served here all day by friendly English speaking staff in a very modest and relaxed setting. Breakfast, lunch or dinner is
always special, and their extensive menu takes advantage of the freshly caught seafood of the day including Carpaccio, Sashimi, Crayfish and giant King Prawns.

During the day the restaurant is great place to spend some time. Nothing better than admiring the view and enjoying the food with a movie, while the gentle breeze flows though the restaurant and the staff attend to your needs.

In the evening the warm atmosphere comes alive with tourists taking advantage of the ice cold beer and great cuisine, listening to background music, playing pool and watching the large projector screen that plays surfing and regular movies.


Daily flights from Dempasar (Bali) arrive to the Central Sumbawa town of Bima, where a pleasant 2 hour van ride can take you to Lakey Peak. You can fly with Merpati Airways or Lion Air, and both companies charge for surf and kite boards.


By booking ahead Lakey Beach Inn can have a Taxi Van and driver waiting for you when you arrive in Bima Airport to take you to Lakey Peak . Simply contact them and advise them of your arrival times at Bima.

Lakey Peak Beach Inn List Price.

Single IDR 170.000 per Night
Double IDR 260.000 per Night
Triple IDR 360.000 per Night
Single IDR 100.000 per Night
Double IDR 180.000 per Night
Taxi (up to 4 Guests)
Bima – Lakey IDR 800.000
Motorbike Hire
1 Bike IDR 60.000 per Day

Will there be a driver waiting at the airport for me?

If you book a Taxi with Lakey Beach Inn, there will be a driver with your name on a sign waiting for you on your arrival. If you have not booked a Taxi with Lakey Beach Inn then there are always Taxis at the airport that will take you to Lakey Beach Inn for a similar price as Lakey Beach Inn charge.

Are there any shops where I can buy supplies?

There are a number of small shops with basic supplies including food, snacks and drinks, mosquito replants, sunscreens, moisturisers, basic personal care items, Simple medicines and cigarettes.

What medical facilities are available?

There is a Life Guard at the Lakey Beach Area with first aid equipment. There is a small hospital nearby in Dompu with English speaking doctors. For anything serous a quick flight back to Bali can be arranged.

What medical precautions do I need to take?

Consult your local doctor for any recommendations for the Indonesian islands.

What other services are available at the Lakey Peak area?

Internet and Wi Fi – Laundry Service – Booking return flights to Bali – Return transport to the airport – Basic Surf shop – Surfboard repairs.

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