G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp is the first and original camp at G-Land, operating for more than 30 years and popular by surf legends from the US and Australia. Located on the southeast tip of Java, along the eastern shoreline of Gragajan Bay in a large jungle preserve called Alas Purwo National Park, G-Land offers an unforgettable adventure experience for all level of surfers except first timers.

G-land is famous for its large and powerful surf, but there are waves of much less consequence that surfer’s have the option of playing with. Surfers from all corners of the globe have made their way to the Javanese jungle each year between March – November to sample G-Land’s fantastic waves. The waves such as Kong, Moneytrees, Speedies, Launching Pad, Tiger Track, chicken, 20′-20′, and etc.  During these months the spot is rarely flat and there is a saying there – No swell in G-Land, no swell in Indonesia’, It’s a very special surfing destination of primitive beauty and perfect waves.

G-Land (Grajagan) is truly one of the worlds great waves, perfect mechanical barrelling waves, not a drop of water out of place – makes your mouth dry just thinking about it. If you are a keen on left handers what are you still doing reading this page – pack your bags.

G-Land Java is situated in a very large National Park, and is home to many different species of wild life including panther, leopard, monkeys, deer, reptiles and exotic birds. It is an amazing place and you really feel that you have made it off the beaton track.

Fast Boat

Your trip to G-land departs from Kuta Reef in the early morning, tide-dependant but typically around 6:00 A.M. Our speed boat has been purpose-built for the Bali-Java passage to handle the crossing in comfort and with absolute security for passenger safety. The boat is outfitted with four 250 HP four stroke Suzuki outboard engines, full marine electronics (radar, GPS, and marine VHF radio), compass, on-board toilet, comfortable seating, life jackets, and fire extinguisher. We take pride in having the most capable vessel that does this passage to G-Land. The G-land Express will cross the Bali Strait in comfort and style in about 2 hours and you’ll arrive at Bobby’s Surf Camp refreshed and ready to surf.


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G-land Bobby’s Surf Camp kitchen staff have dedicated themselves each off-season to expand our already diverse menu. They’ve always remained focused on keeping our meals both nutritious and exciting. We offer 3 breakfast menu’s and approximately 25 choices for lunch. Our dinner menu rotates each night with a main course that rarely repeats itself. Only those guests that basically “live” at G-Land for more than 5 weeks will eat the same main course twice. The kitchen staff have worked extremely hard to build a solid reputation for themselves. We are known throughout the jungle to have great food that is prepared the way you ask for and will ultimately keep you feeling strong through each session in the ocean.

Our G-land menu includes cuisine from Italy, France, Thailand, USA, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia

Friendly Staff

Our friendly staff will serve every day in camp

G-Land Bobbys Fast Boat Schedule


Standart Room

Packages Publish Rate Disc 5%
3 days/3 nights  USD 640 USD 608
6 days/6 nights USD 770 USD 732
9 days/9 nights USD 990 USD 941
3 day extension fee USD 325 USD 308

Price Include:

Fast boat, Airport transfer on arrival (request prior to arrival), Twin share accommodation, Full spring mattress bed with mosquito net (optional double bed),Communal bathroom facilities, Fan cooled room, 23 hours of electricity, 3 healthy and energetic meals per day (menu set in the camp), 3 bottles of beer per day (optional boxed juice or bottled Coke in exchange), Fountain soda and filtered water, Use of camp recreational facilities, Complimentary T- Shirts and stickers, Government daily tax

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