Awera Island Surf CampAwera-Island-Surf-CampAwera Island is an unspoilt, tropical island located in the middle of the most wave rich region on the planet. It is surrounded by white sand beaches, coral reefs and of course world class waves.

Our lodge lies on this island and is located within 30 minutes longboat ride of over 15 world class waves.

It’s our goal at Awera to get you surfing these waves whenever possible alone, and with a maximum of 8 guests we offer an unmatched opportunity to surf these waves with the fewest possible people.

Awera Island Surf Camp

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Between April and October the Mentawai Islands are considered to be one of the most consistent surfing destinations on the planet.

While a few massive swells of ten foot plus hit the islands each season the truth is that the waves are more likely to be in the three to six foot range.

We surf the waves between Scarecrows through to the north side of Awera Island. There are over 15 high quality waves in this region including the world class Telescopes, Iceland and Scarecrows. All of these waves are reached in less than 30 minutes by boat from the lodge. This region is quieter than many of the others in Mentawai; we still get to surf many waves alone.

Our guide is the longest serving in our region; he has the equivalent of over 50 boat trip spent guiding entirely in this area. His understanding of tides, swell direction, size and wind specifically in our area will give you the best chance of scoring the waves you are after.

There are many other waves that work on different tides, wind and swell directions but we try not to publicise them too much, this is one of the reasons we are able to get our guests surf alone as much as we do.

Above is a map of the area with some of the more known breaks, our guide will be able to show you these as well as some of the lesser known spots and get you to the spot that is best suited to your surfing level and the conditions.


This wave needs no introduction. It is regularly voted as one of the best waves in the world. A flat bottom creates a relatively safe wave. It is superfun at 2 foot and it just gets better and straighter the bigger it gets.


Another left with long workable walls and an inside section that throws out a perfect barrel on its day. It is usually a little bigger than Telescopes but also a little more exposed to local wind swells.


It needs a bit of swell to work but when it is on it offers small barrels and a fast rampy end section. Probably one of the funnest waves around


This swell magnet turns from a short fun wave offering both lefts and rights at 2 to 3 foot to one of the heaviest and most photogenic waves in the Mentawai Islands when it gets bigger.

Ombak tidur

Again like Iceland it can be surfed small but turns into a completely different wave when its bigger. This is the most consistent right in the region and has multiple take off spots and sections to keep the rare crowds spread out.

Out the Front

This the end section of a long reef that runs about 500m in towards the camp.


In the rare times that the surf goes completely flat there are a few other things to do at Awera, here is a list of some of the more popular options.


Experienced spearfishers will not be bored with the area around Awera. From the reef edges off Icelands out to the islands of “Batu Tonga”, otherwise known as Jurassic Park there are many G.T’s, Tuna and SpanishMakerel.


Whether you are trawling along the edge of the reefs for big pelagics or searching the shallows for the worlds’ most sought after fly species, the bonefish Awera has plenty of options. Although we have some basic equipment out on the islands if you are a serious angler we recommend you bring your own gear.


On small surf days the reef right out the front has some of the most beautiful corals in the region, there are also a few large rock bommies around the island that offer some interesting walls. Just like fishing gear we have a bit of snorkeling equiptment but encourage guests to bring their own.

Other things

We also have a range of board games, books and a small TV if you want to watch a DVD or a video of the days surfing or maybe just take a bit of time out and explore Awera’s white sand beaches.

The Awera lodge is one large house with 4 guest bedrooms. Our guests sleep 2 per room with spring mattresses, mosquito nets and fans.

Included in the price are 3 nutritious and tasty meals per day. Drinking water, tea and coffee are also included. Most of our ingredients are sourced locally however we search out a few things like the best Sumatran coffee to make your stay more enjoyable.

Our comfortable lounge area includes a daybed, iPod dock and a large projector to watch movies. There are also plenty of hammocks and other comfortable spots to sit, relax and read a book.

Cold beers, soft drinks, internet and a laundry service are also available at an additional cost.

What is included?

  • 3 meals/day
  • Tea, coffee and drinking water
  • Twin share accommodation
  • 2 daily guided boat transfers to the local waves
  • Airport pick up and all transfers to Awera

What is not included?

  • Beer and soft drinks
  • Laundry service
  • Internet
  • Day trips beyond the Awera area
  • Phone – local sim card available in Padang are very cheep for the internet this also applies for calls and text message back home, bring your unlocked smart phone or tablet.

Guests are responsible for their own arrangements to and from Padang.

Currently the best way to make it to Padang is either via Jakarta (and Bali) with Garuda or Lion Air or through Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia.

From Padang to Awera

All transfers include airport pick up, drop off and everything in between.

There are many ways to get from Padang to Awera; these include ferries both old and new, a plane and several fast speed boats. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. From 2015 we will be using an express ferry.

Fast ferry return – Cost $AU200 (return airport and hotel to ferry transfer included)

Fast Ferry runs return from Padang Sumatra Mondays and Fridays.
Padang departure time 6am, return fast ferry arrival time Padang 6pm.
Guests need to be in Padang 1 day before to meet early departure and will need to generally stay a night upon return due to flight scheduling.

Accommodation in Padang will be an additional cost. We can recommend a good homestay costing about $AUD30/night/room for 2 people including breakfast. Alternatively you can book yourself directly at one of the major hotel chains. We have a cooperate rate deal with Plan B Hotel in Padang. Just mention you’re an Awera Island guest on booking and receive a great discount.

Example Itinery

  • Arrive Padang anytime on a Sunday or Thursday
  • Transfer to Hotel or Homestay by private car
  • Stay overnight at Hotel or Homestay (at own cost)
  • Depart Hotel for the harbour 05.30 (we organize transport)
  • Fast ferry departs 06.00
  • Arrive in Mentawai 09.00 Monday or Friday
  • Transfer via speedboat to Awera Island 09.30
  • Surf and Relax
  • Depart Awera Island 13.00 on any Monday or Friday
  • Arrive in Padang 18.00 same day
  • Stay overnight at Hotel or Homestay (at own cost)
  • Depart Padang the following morning

Going further afield

Although we surf mostly in the area around Awera and love the waves for their variety and lack of crowds, we recognize that some groups are keen to travel further to look for waves.

When conditions are suitable we can offer groups the options to travel further afield to search out more waves. Fuel surcharges apply.

The real off season – Jan to April

This is also a great time for less experienced surfers who are not chasing massive swells. While there is a chance you may not surf for a day here and there when the waves do come you are going to have them to yourself and the waves out the front are generally offshore. So if you are looking for a place to relax, read, snorkel, fish and surf when the waves do come; this period could be just what you are looking for.

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