Are you seeking epic uncrowded waves and adventure in a safe and ecological place?
Well you have Found it !!
I welcome you to surf Rote at my surfing heaven, where I have built (to minimize your impact on the environment ) an  eco-friendly housing for surfers hunting barrels , fisherman seeking big game and people wanting to enjoy a relaxing time under the palm trees on clean golden beaches.
Set on top of the hill looking over the world class wave Boa (one of Rotes best right hand surf spots), we find Boa Hills. Almost all materials used for the house and bungalows are natural and locally found.
The accommodation is powered by a top of the line solar panels.
We collect rain water and all our waste water goes into gardens.
We also grow plenty of fresh organic vegetables and herbs.
We will provide you with delicious and healthy set cooked meals. Fresh fish and vegetables, free range chickens and pigs, some imported goody’s and awesome dessert that you won’t forget !!




Rote has plenty of different waves to offer, all in easy reach of the property. Here is a description of some of the surf spots available in Rote.


  • Medium  to advance right hand wave
  • Solid barrel’s, 3 section that will link perfectly
  • Very esthetic wave, long rides and steep walls,
  • Works on all swell, the bigger the heavier
  • Works from Sept to April consistently
  • Works trough the rest of the years less consistent


  • Beginner to advance wave left hander
  • Super fun wave, very mellow, has a great shape
  • Very consistent, will handle very big swell 15ft +
  • Nicked name the old man G land
  • Works from March to Sept

Dana Point

  • Medium to Advance wave left hander
  • Very hollow, sucks a lot and pretty fast
  • Shallow reef, work on high tides and right wind.
  • Not consistent, works from May to Sept


  • Good for beginners, right hander
  • Very fun accessible wave,
  • Fast a beautifull shape
  • Surf on medium high tide
  • Works from Nov to March

Sucky Mama’s

  • Medium to advance right
  • Nice easy barrel, needs swell
  • A bit heavy on the inside
  • Works from may to Aug

There are many more waves around the little islands and beaches of Rote. Depending on the level of surfing ability, guests will have their surfing needs catered too; beginners looking to learn and be the only ones out, to hard core surfers who want thick gnarly barrels.

A 3m / 10ft utility boat equipped with a 18hp outboard engine is available for transfers to waves close enough. A car is also there to drive you if needed.

We also have a 7m/23ft twin 60hp top of the line speed/fishing boat for hire. Named the “Blue Note”, she can take up to 8 people with surf boards to any of the surfs spots that are a little further in minutes

Get to Boa Hill Rote

Option 1
The adventurous way (its actually not that hard)
You will need to get a plane ticket from Bali or Jakarta or Surabaya to Kupang.
The airline company that fly to “El Tarik” Kupang airport are
Once you arrive in Kupang you will have to stay one night on the spot. There is a few hotels to choose from with prices ranging ofrom 15$ to 60$ a night. Getting a hotel from the airport is really easy. I recommend the Crystal hotel for those who can afford the 60$ other wise the Sylvia for 35$ is ok.  Once you have chosen and arrived at the hotel, make sure to ask the reception or someone there to help you get a ticket for the morning ferry going to Rote. The ferry company is named “Bahari express” it leaves every morning at around 8.30 from the main Kupang Harbor named “Pelabuhan Tenoh”. I recommend arriving early if you have not bought your ticket beforehand. The ferry ride will take more or less 2 hours from Kupang to Rote.
Arriving in Baa Harbour Rote, there will be a myriad of bemo’s (local transport vehicles) wanting to get you to your final destination. You might have to bargain quiet a lot, the charter of a Bemo is around 25$ to 30$ . If you have contacted us beforehand we will send our car to come and pick you up.

Option 2
The very easy way!!
We can provide you full transfers from Bali to Rote back to Bali including all plane ticket, all car transfers in air conditioned van, hotel stay in Kupang in Crystal hotel and boat transfers in VIP class will be organized for you. Price will vary from 300$ to 450$ per pax all included depending on the season.
Contact us before going to Kupang and we will organize the rest of the transport to Rote by air conditioned car and in VIP class for the ferry. Price is around is around 80$ per pax and 140$ for 2 pax

Option 3
Personalised travel
We can provide you alternatives to get to Rote in one day, these may be costly and will require a lot of organizing, so please contact us to find out more information