10 Sexy SUrfer Girl

10 Sexy and Best Surfer Girl – Surfing is no longer a strenuous exercise for men. Now the woman had already started to cultivate the sport. There are so many women who surf, ranging from hobbies, stylish, and work. Surfing has become a lifestyle now, because it looks cool and sexy. The following are some women are sexy and also excel in the surf:

1. Carrisa Moore

Carissa Kainani Moore (born August 27, 1992) is a Hawaiian surfer and the 2011, 2013 and 2015 ASP Women’s World Tour Champion. As of July 2011, Moore has won 6 ASP Women’s World Tour events, 2 ASP WQS 6-Star events and an unprecedented 11 NSSA Titles. In 2013 she was named one of Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year. She was inducted into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame in 2014.
Carissa Moore Be the Best Woman Championship Tour 2015 with 66.200 Point and $330.750 Earnings.

Website: http://www.carissamoore.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/CarissaMooreOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rissmoore10
Instagram: https://instagram.com/rissmoore10/

2. Courtney Conlogue

Courtney Conlogue (born August 25, 1992) is an American professional surfer. She was born in Santa Ana, California.
Hyper-fit pro surfer from Orange County, California; world-ranked #4 in 2013. Conlogue was born (1992) in Santa Ana, and started riding waves at age four after watching her dad surf on a family trip to Mexico. The surf world was shocked in 2006 when Conlogue, a 14-year-old wildcard entrant, ripped her way to the semifinals in 6-8 foot waves at Honolua Bay during the Billabong Pro Maui. It was a vision of things to come.
An ankle injury forced Conlogue to miss three events, and she finished the year ranked 9th. In early 2015, healed and back in form, she opened the season with a 5th, a 3rd and a 1st and after three events was holding down 2nd place in the ratings, behind Carissa Moore.
Courtney Conlogue get 58.600 Point and $270.250 Earnings on Woman Championship Tour 2015.
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Website: http://www.courtney.surf/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Courtney-Conlogue/56779089347
Twitter: https://twitter.com/neonboho
Instagram: https://instagram.com/courtneyconlogue

3. Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally-Fitzgibbons Sexy Surfer Girl | Indonesia Surf Camp
Sally Fitzgibbons is an Australian professional surfer on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour (2009 – 2013). She was born in Gerroa, NSW Australia, on 19 December 1990.
As a surfer, Fitzgibbons had her first significant results at the age of 14, becoming the youngest surfer to win an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Pro Junior (Under 21’s) event, also finishing second at the World Qualifying Series (WQS) Billabong Easter Girls Festival  on the same day. She continued to set records throughout her junior years, winning the Australasian Pro Junior Series in 2007 and again in 2008. At 15, Fitzgibbons represented Australia at the International Surfing Association (ISA) U18 World Surfing Titles in Brazil placing second; at 16, she travelled to Portugal for the ISA U18 World Titles to win her first World Title  and backed it up the following year winning both the Billabong ASP U21 World Title and the ISA World Games Open Title.
Sally Fitzgibbons get 55.900 Point and $204.250 Earnings on Woman Championship Tour 2015

Website: http://sallyfitzgibbons.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/SallyFitzgibbons1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sally_Fitz
Instagram: http://instagram.com/Sally_Fitz/

4. Bianca Buitendag

Bianca-Buitendag- Sexy Surfer Girl
Bianca Buitendag is a South African professional surfer. She was born in Victoria Bay, Western Cape, South Africa on 9 November 1993.
Bianca father was the one who pushed into Bianca first wave, and Her Father has been supporting me ever since that day. Bianca Father introduced Bianca to what I know call ‘first love’, the ocean, and to a sport that “I will do for as long as I can walk”. Bianca’s parents are the reason she have all these privileges today. They have been there before and after every heat with a hug of assurance that they will be proud not matter the outcome.
Bianca Buitendag get 47.500 Point and $154.750 Earnings on Woman Championship Tour 2015

Website: http://www.biancabuitendag.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bianca-Buitendag/455410541141915
Twitter: https://twitter.com/biancabuitendag
Instagram: http://instagram.com/biancabuitendag

5. Tyler Wright

Tyler-Wright Sexy Surfer Girl | Indonesia Surf Camp
Tyler Wright is an Australian professional surfer on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour. She is the younger sister of professional surfer Owen Wright.
Teen prodigy Tyler Right is at the forefront of the most exciting era women’s surfing has ever seen. 2011 saw a blasting forehand attack skyrocket the 17 year old to fourth in the world and be crowned Rookie of the Year.
Tyler Wright get 47.100 Point and $171.500 Earnings on Woman Championship Tour 2015.

Website: –
FB: https://www.facebook.com/TylerGraceWright/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tylergwright
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerwright/?hl=en

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